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Three Smart Ways to Travel Safely

  • Avoid being a target. If you’re going to a country where crime is higher, don’t flaunt your riches. Keep your camera stowed away and prefer a smaller model. Carry your money in a secret pouch and keep a bill or two in your pocket. The more you look like a tourist, the more of a target you will become.
  • Be smart about the risks you take. We all seek adventure when we travel, but you need to think twice before doing any kind of extreme sport. Most aren’t even covered by your travel insurance, but even if it is, make sure the guide or tour operator is qualified and that the safety equipment and transport are up to par.
  • Prepare for the worst. Have your important documents and emergency numbers on you at all times, and give a trusted friend or family member a copy of all your records, including travel insurance and passport. Tell the resort where you’ll be and who you are going with.
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